Do you find it hard to understand, even when the information is signed in Auslan? You might like to try using a Deaf interpreter.

A Deaf Interpreter helping a Group of 2 People

Deaf Interpreter Services Available

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A Deaf interpreter is a specialist interpreting service provided by someone who is Deaf themselves and has fluency in Auslan and English, as well as having exceptional visual-gestural communication skills. Interpreters work in tandem with Auslan interpreters and interpret between Auslan and non-conventional sign language (NCSL), a visual-gestural communication system made up of conventional signs, non-standard signs, gesture, mime, and other visual communication techniques.


Our interpreters are NAATI accredited professional interpreters, skilled at adapting their communication style to accommodate the unique needs of a broad range of people who use non-conventional communication systems, such as those who have recently moved from overseas, those affected by educational disadvantage, have additional disabilities, have limited language skills and other reasons.


Our interpreters can be booked for various settings including doctor appointments, specialist appointments, meetings, special events and others.


We’re here for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require support or advice.