About Us

Our History

Signpedia began in 2008 as video production company, filming and producing videos and documentaries for Deaf people and their community to teach life skills, confidence and independence. The Director Bader Haouam has over 40 years’ experience working with people living with a disability, specialising in supporting people who are Deaf or hearing impaired. Mr Haouam began providing support in North Africa and Europe and has worked in Australia for the past 20 years. Mr Haouam is also registered with the NDIS as a NAATI certified relay interpreter and translator, holds a Diploma in Disability, along with qualifications in VET.

Our Mission

Providing tailored and individualised services to Deaf people, their families and friends, to enable learning of life skills, confidence and independence.

Our Vision

Signpedia’s vision is to provide lifelong education and lifestyle support to people who are Deaf and people with disabilities, their peers and their families.

Our Values

All Signpedia’s operations and activities are built upon the values of:
Empowerment - Commitment - Problem Solving - Community - Integrity