Do you want to learn Auslan with your child? Little Auslan Academy is our brand new Auslan learning program for parents and kids aged 0-5 years old.

An Adult Helping a Child Learn Auslan

Little Auslan Academy

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Little Auslan Academy is Signpedia’s Auslan learning program for young children aged 0-5 and their caregivers. Classes run for 45 minutes and are facilitated by an experienced Deaf mentor and Auslan interpreter. We play games, read stories, sing songs, do craft, play with educational toys and have circle time- all designed to develop you and your child’s Auslan skills!

Little Auslan Academy is all about breaking down barriers and building up a community that values diversity, inclusion and unity. That’s why we’ve made this class suitable for ALL kids wanting to learn Auslan, including siblings, cousins and friends, CODA’s (Children of Deaf Adults), kids who have other types of disabilities (such as autism or down syndrome), or hearing kids who may not have any relation to a deaf person and simply want to get involved in learning one of Australia’s natural languages.

Little Auslan Academy is a high quality program, designed and developed by a fantastic team of Deaf mentors and tutors, speech pathologist, instructional designer and parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. In 2022 Little Auslan Academy was awarded the Australian Good Design of the Year Award in the service design category. You can view the project and submission here:

Little Auslan Academy is starting up a brand new community trial class in Term 1 2023 at the Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie Park NSW, with classes running at 10am and 11am on Thursday mornings during school terms. We are in the process of organising additional classes in other states and locations to commence later in 2023.

Classes cost $280 per child for a 10 week term.

To submit an enrolment request, please complete our online form here:

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