Do you have a colleague, student, team-mate, family member or friend that is Deaf? We can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to effectively communicate and connect with them.

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Deaf Awareness Training

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Signpedia offers Deaf Awareness Training, a professional development workshop for people who have regular contact with a Deaf person(s). Our program aims to create awareness and improve understanding of Deaf people, Deaf culture, challenges Deaf people face, and improve communication and connection between people.


Our Deaf Awareness Training workshops can be tailored to your specific context and learning needs, for example:

  • Workplaces that have a deaf staff member.
  • Community groups that have a deaf member, such as sporting teams, religious congregations etc.
  • Educational services such as schools, pre-schools and childcare centres that have a deaf student.
  • Large organisations or institutions wishing to promote accessibility and awareness around deafness, such as government organisations and universities.


We are able to provide workshops online or face-to-face.


Objectives of the workshop may vary depending on your specific context and needs though generally our workshops cover the following objectives:

  • Understand about deafness, deaf community, and deaf culture.
  • Acquire strategies to effectively communicate with deaf people.
  • Identify common challenges faced by deaf people and how to overcome these.
  • Make environmental modifications or adjustments to make spaces more Deaf friendly, inclusive, accessible and safe for deaf people.
  • Identify various technologies that can be utilised to improve accessibility for deaf people.
  • Learn about financial help available to support deaf people in the workplace.
  • Use and understand basic sign language to communicate more effectively with deaf people, including the Auslan alphabet, numbers, and key signs.


We’re here for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require support or advice.